Our relationship with Jason Baker and Baker Retrievers began the summer of 2013 when we needed to find a pro trainer who could take our 5-month old dog, “Dagger” north to train for the summer. “Dagger” spent that summer with Jason continuing to learn and grow. He finished out his derby career with 33 points.

By the summer of 2015, “Flex” was ready to go on his summer trip. Jason Baker is a dedicated hard worker. He cares about each and every one of the dogs that are in his care. We have had the pleasure of training with Jason and have seen his work ethic first hand.

With the help of Baker Retrievers, “Dagger” and “Flex” had very successful derby careers. “Flex” finished with 95 points and was also named 2016 High Point Derby Dog. We would highly recommend Baker Retrievers to anyone looking for a young dog trainer.