Jason Baker provides the consummate one-two punch in young dog field trial training. The younger dogs get thoroughly indoctrinated in yard work each morning; including: obedience, force fetch, pile work, handling drills, and pattern blinds. Afternoons are spent with multiple land and water marks appropriate for their age, including how to cut corners and parallel shores.

Older dogs further hone their skills with more complex land and water set-ups liberally interspersed with blinds throughout the day. When competing dogs are away, one trainer always remains to continue training, so there is no down time for remaining dogs.

Our dogs are always treated with compassion and respect. Their health and well-being is paramount and training is through teaching, repetition and attrition.

Collar corrections are uncommon, but fair when warranted. This has been and continues to be a successful formula for us as witnessed by our multiple Derby List and Qualified All-Age dogs, including: FC Seaside’s Gorgeous George, 75 derby points, and most recently, Seaside’s Pompano Jack, 41 derby points and a QAA win while still in derby.