Looking at records and statistics makes it easy to see that Jason Baker is a very successful dog trainer. One thing that is not simple to see is how gifted Jason Baker is at training handlers.

When I first met Jason, I had never been to a field trial and certainly had no clue how to train a field trial dog. Not to mention, I have a Golden Retriever, a “minority breed” in this competitive sport.

Jason never batted an eye, standing patiently behind me and training “Proof” through me. He told me the whys and the hows. He was honest and helped me deal with my faults and my dog’s faults. He prepared me for trials and encouraged me.

It really is an amazing accomplishment on Jason’s part, if you think about it…not handling or even touching a dog, yet training it completely through a clueless, fidgety, nervous new handler. Jason prepared me so I could run “Proof” in trials… he trained “Proof” so he could WIN trials. There are a lot of good dog trainers, and there are a lot of good teachers, but rarely are the two talents evident in one

Jason Baker has built a sound foundation for “Proof”, but even more importantly, he has built a solid foundation for me, enabling me to train my future dogs.